My YouTube Channel


Physical training and practice are vital to become a good player, BUT... the mental part of the game is just as important. My YouTube channel helps players with just that. 

On my channel are a number of "film studies" where I teach skills, reads, and decisions by observing professional players. Some skills I teach are common knowledge, while other points I cover are more advanced, and maybe ones that players have never heard of. I do my best to cover skills that college, high school, and middle school players can learn. Basketball is a simple game and I try to teach it that way. 

There are a number of basketball personalities online who don't coach actual teams and who try to teach 5th graders the James Harden triple step back. Sincerely, this might work for some people, but that's not my style. I am a coach of real teams so I do my best to teach the game in a way that makes sense in a team context. I avoid teaching 47 dribble combo moves and instead focus on team skills like spacing, timing, screening, relocating, offensive reads, and more basic skills that translate to a players game.

I don't make my videos specifically to teach coaches anything because there are so many coaches who know more about the game than me. Instead, I make videos primarily and exclusively for players of all ages. I offer that coaches can use my YouTube videos as a resource they can share with their players, but it’s players I’m trying to teach. That would look like a coach sending one of my film studies to their guards, bigs, or a whole team. 

If you're a player reading this, I hope I can help you get better. If you're a coach reading this, I hope these can be one more resource you use for your team. Either way I hope they are helpful and if you support what I'm trying to accomplish, a "subscribe" to my channel is always appreciated! 

Check out some of my videos below.