The Shooting Program from Coach Mason Waters

The Shooting Program from Coach Mason Waters

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Build your shot from the ground up and start shooting better than ever.

There is no "magic", "secret", or "hidden" tricks to become a great shooter. Despite the fancy marketing tricks that a lot of you see on the internet, the formula for becoming a better shooter is very simple:

Hard Work + Smart Work = Results

In The Shooting Program, I equip you in both areas. I will teach you all of the following concepts.

The 4 Main Keys to Training Your Shot These detailed keys explain how to best become a better shooter. Some players simply "get shots up", great shooters do more. They have a detailed plan, intense focus, and understanding of how to work. They work hard and smart. 

The 3 Main Areas of Shooting Fundamentals I breakdown nearly half an hour of NBA and WNBA shooting film and show how the best players in the world shoot so that players can emulate. 

A 3-Month Shooting Plan that guides players on a 3-month path to maximizing their improvement.

Multiple Workouts Including: 

- Detailed Shooting Workout Template (Printable PDF)

- In Depth Skills Workout Template (within the video)

- A 500 Shot Workout, A Full Spectrum 370 Shot Workout, and a 300 Shot Off-Ball Workout (Printable PDF)

- 200 Shot Form Shooting Warm Up Routine (Printable PDF)

The goal of this course is very simple: To teach the most important fundamentals of shooting and to provide players with a detailed plan to get better.

After purchasing this course, you also have my contact info should you need further assistance or have any questions.