How to Get Recruited for Basketball: A Guide for Parents (63 Page PDF)

How to Get Recruited for Basketball: A Guide for Parents (63 Page PDF)

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Do you want to help your child play college basketball but have no idea what to do? If so, this book is for you! 

After a year of coaching NCAA basketball and after his own confusing recruiting process, Coach Mason Waters decided to write a book to educate male and female recruits, and their parents, on all the long journey of earning and selecting the best college basketball scholarship. The information within this book could not only help a family receive a scholarship, but help them choose the best one. In this book, you'll learn how to get recruited. But you'll also read about much more than just that. You can expect to learn:

1. The Landscape of College Basketball: The different associations and levels of play, the impressive talent at schools you've never heard of, and where opportunities to earn a scholarship are

2. The approach and mindset recruits need to have in order to earn the best possible scholarship

3. How to choose the best school for you (HINT: There are many things more important than level of play)

4. How you should think about playing division one basketball

5. How to choose the best travel team and if prep school is for you

6. What college coaches look for beyond talent and size that can gain or lose an offer

7. Scholarship Routes

8. A Chapter for Parents

Ultimately this book increases the odds that recruits and their families earn a quality basketball scholarship that changes the player's life forever.  

This book is 6x9 inches and 63 pages.